bitterroot arts for autism



Welcome to Bitterroot Arts for Autism, located in the Bitterroot Valley in Hamilton, Montana.  We are a group of dedicated parents of children with special needs living in the beautiful Bitterroot valley.  We have come together to advocate for our children to create more opportunities and services for them.  There is a crucial need for outreach programs designed for those on the autism spectrum, and other special needs individuals.  We are a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax exemption sponsorship from Bitterroot Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. (RC&D), a public charity. Thank you for your interest in our growing group.

Our Mission: Providing education and socialization for children with special needs, especially those living on the autism spectrum through the exploration of the arts: music, dance, creative movement, yoga, and a variety of art classes supporting and educating parents and families.


Helping children on the Autism Spectrum find healing through the arts.